Nikon D-60 定 Sony a200 好


Let me try to explain...There have TWO brand name, Nikon / Sony.... for DSLR, I always think that, body mean nothing... even you have a TOP model body today... but after one or two years later, your model will fade out due to the technology update... but for the lens... it almost can let you to use more than 6~8 years or more... some lens King you have, can use for life (if you keep in good condition), therefore, I always look for the lens rather than body. For your case, I prefer Nikon, being the lens support better than Sony... even one day you don't want to play DSLR, you still have market for 2nd hands. And also, Nikon D60 use the new cmos for this model, the noise control are good, or one day you want to upgarde highend body, you can choice D300, D3 ... or later model... For me... I no regert to choice Nikon.... Enjoy!! 查看更多答案>>
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